Tuesday, June 10, 2008

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Special delivery from UK

Thanks man! U know who U are. ;)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

While I was bored...

...waiting for my wife to deliver our baby (we were already in the hospital 3 days before her delivery), I took these pictures at the hospital's indoor garden.

The one above was taken on a cloudy afternoon using a Nokia N95. Don't U just love bubbles? :)

And this one, the same fountain from a different angle using my trusted dSLR on full manual mode. Semi handheld night shot with the camera restedon a curved railing for that slow shutter setting. My next lens definitely must come with Image Stabilization!

Sorry for the lack of updates / Parenthood

The past 1.5 weeks have been a very very busy time for me; my wifey gave birth to our beautiful little baby boy on New Year's Eve and both of have have been taking turns feeding and changing nappies round the clock since then. The feeling of being a parent can be a rollercoaster ride; it's all good with that warm fuzzy loving feeling when your baby is sound asleep, looks cute or smiles at U. Yet, when that little monster wakes up in the middle of the night for his regular feed and decides to NOT go back to sleep and cries his heart out, I tell U it can be quite frustrating especially when U've only had a couple hours of daily sleep for the whole week. Nevertheless, being a father is a great and wonderful feeling, and I'm loving every moment of it.

Monday, December 24, 2007

‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly


Image copyright Jane Wooster Scott.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tang Yuen

Winter Solstice festival is here and as part of the celebration, "Tang Yuen", which are simply glutinous rice balls cooked and served in sweet brown sugar syrup is eaten. I still remember when I was young, I would help my grandma and mother to roll these riceballs mixed with green, yellow and red food colouring (some are also without any colouring for white ones) the night before. Each riceball is actually rolled at least twice to ensure that it would stay round after it was cooked and served. My mom also used to make 2 types of syrup, 1 which is actually just with sugar and pandan leaves, and the other type was with dark brown sugar.

Tang stands for reunion and yuan means round or complete. Eating Tang Yuan is symbolic of family unity and harmony. Also according to Chinese customs as well, we are supposed to grow a year older after eating these Tang Yuen. However, I know of a stall in Magazine Road near KOMTAR that sells these Tang Yuen nightly. Guess those who always frequent that stall must be all very old. :D

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Seafood Porridge

Another lazy, cold and wet day for Penang today. Seems pretty weired to still have frequent rainfall at this time of the year when it's just about 1.5 months or so before Chinese New Year. It's supposed to be blazing hot right now! Oh well...

We were not having an easy time deciding on what to have for dinner, since we were all pretty sick of the usual hawker food that we've been having so frequently for the past few months. In the end, we decided to go to this seafood place to have a simple meal....

Sorry about the picture, told U it was a lazy and wet day. :D We have actually been here a couple of times before, but we have always had rice with the various seafood cooked in different style. Tonight's order was different...

A steaming hot bowl of seafood porridge. U can actually "customize" what kind of seafood U want, be it oysters, clams, crab, or even lobsters. But in the end, we just ordered the porridge with a red snapper and some regular prawns. The serving was huge, partly because of the whole fish. The serving could easily be for 4 people.

Besides the fish and prawns, the porridge was cooked together with generous slices of ginger so that there was not too much of that "fishy" smell, and sprinkled with spring onions and "chye poh", a type of chinese seasoned and preserved vegetable that is very commonly used when serving porridge or broth. The fish and prawns, needless to say, were very fresh, something U'd expect from a seafood restaurant.

And the taste? Simply delicious, and perfect for a cold and wet night like this.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Chocolate Truffles

Last week some of my colleagues came back from out US headquarters. So as usual, when anyone returns from a business trip they would bring back assortment of foods such as nuts, candies, dried fruits and chocolates. But this round, something "special" was also available as it was the holiday season...

Truffettes de France "Truffles of French". Now these French truffles are only available during the holiday season from CostCo, as I was told.

Inside the box U will find 2 separate "golden" packs holding 64 truffles (500gm) each.

The truffles are about the size of a 50sen coin, and are lightly dusted with cocoa powder. They do melt easily, but keeping them in an air-conditioned room is perfect. They taste like dark chocolates, but are SO SO SO MUCH richer and instead of being too sweet, they are a bit bitter because of their high cocoa content.

If U chance to come across them, grab them immediately. I promise U will go back for more. Just imagine, 5 boxes of these were finished in just one day in our office!

Oh, and I did also manage to find them on Amazon here. But I wouldn't recommend U to try sending them all the way back to Malaysia. :D

Friday, December 14, 2007


So cute....and in case U are wondering, yes, I am really that bored with NBTD...:D

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Baby fever, part 1

As the magical EDD comes closer and closer, I decided that it was time to dig out the brand new baby car seat I had "hidden" in the closet. It isn't exactly brand new, as it was purchased at the end of 2005 in US and shipped back here with the help of my cousin (thanks again man, U know who U are). Still wrapped in brown wrapping paper used by by shipping company , I carefully ripped it to reveal the car seat...

Hidden behind the removable fabric of the backrest was the manual, which I read word for word to ensure that I would install it correctly and securely. That took me about an hour or so, including playing with the various levers, knobs and LATCH hooks.

Installation was quite straightforward, although it took me a couple of tries before I was satisfied that I had installed it correctly. I actually moved the seat from the center seat position using only the lap belt (boo Honda!) to the outboard location with the shoulder+lap belt, but the side installation wasn't as secure as the center, so in the end I moved it back to the center.

I had to place a rolled towel beneath the base to ensure that the seat tilt was at 45°, which is optimum for baby's comfort and more importantly, safety.

Here are some of the online resources that I read besides the product manual before I did the installation, which I think is beneficial for those that are interested or will be attempting an installation.

Carseat.org FAQ
American Academy of Pediatrics - Car Safety Seats
Babies Online - Car Seat Choices
and a very sad video from YouTube which I stumbled across :(